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Ex-Savile officer on Big Brother

A former detective who worked on Operation Yewtree, the inquiry into the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, is taking part in Channel 5's Big Brother. Scotland Yard has warned the broadcaster of the risks of having Daniel Neal on the show.

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Ex-Savile inquiry detective enters Big Brother house

A former detective who was involved in the Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry is among the contestants who entered the Big Brother house tonight.

Daniel Neal joined the Channel 5 show a day after his former employer, the Met Police, warned the broadcaster of the dangers of putting him on screen.

Daniel Neal speaks ahead of entering the Big Brother House. Credit: Big Brother/Channel 5/Endemol

Scotland Yard contacted the broadcaster afterdetails first emerged about Mr Neal's previous career and his work on Operation Yewtree, the investigation into Savile.

Before entering the house Dan clarified he was no longer working as a police officer, adding: "I've done ten-and-a-half years in the police and i've worked really hard, I've achieved a lot and had a rewarding career.

"I just need a change. I want to explore the creative side of my personality."

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