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Brits 'stuck in the rent trap'

A new report today claims Britain's reputation as a nation of homeowners is coming to an end - and that a generation of would-be first time buyers are stuck in rented accommodation.

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Govt 'must develop extended housing strategy'

A report out today is calling for urgent dialogue between government and industry on rebalancing the housing and mortgage markets, with the onus on government to:

  • Develop an overarching housing strategy across all tenures that unites the current, disjointed initiatives
  • Determine a long term vision for home ownership and the extent of its support for the nations ambitions in this area
  • Offer an effective safety net for homeowners facing unexpected adverse changes in circumstance by reforming Support with Mortgage Interest (SMI) or developing public-private sector partnerships
  • Encourage higher rates of home building to improve the balance of supply and demand

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