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Two jailed for care home abuse

Two care assistants who mis-treated severely disabled patients at a South Yorkshire care home have each been jailed for two years and nine months. James Hinds, 59, and Susan Murphy, 43, were said to have committed "an appalling abuse of trust".

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Jailed care assistant used 'heartless violence'

Judge Rosalind Coe told Hinds he had used "heartless, unkind and unacceptable violence".

You used violence, rough treatment, intimidation to frighten and control service users so they were less likely to display challenging behaviour in your presence.

Your bullying and intimidation to other staff members enabled you to carry on over a long period of time.

She said the victims in the case were severely disabled and in no position to defend themselves.

"It is hard to imagine more vulnerable people," Judge Coe said. "They were all dependent on you."

The judge said she read many impact statement from relatives of the victims. She said each spoke of devastation and breach of trust.

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