Smartphones 'cause 20m Brits to miss stops'

More than 20 million passengers miss bus or train stops each year because of "digital distraction" from their smartphones, a study has found.

The problem has affected 51% of Britons and causes around 15% of commuters to run late for meetings, according to the findings.

More than 20 million are being 'distracted' by their mobile phones. Credit: PA

Over the last year, passengers have missed their stops an estimated 29 million times, the report showed.

Londoners were found to be among the most preoccupied by their mobiles. Three in five (62%) of the capital's Tube, bus and train travellers said they missed a stop for this reason.

On average, Londoners miss two stops a year. A handful of commuters consulted for the study (3%) said they failed to disembark at an intended point more than 20 times in the last 12 months.