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Anti-G8 protest in Belfast

Hundreds of anti-G8 demonstrators have taken to the streets of Belfast amid a major security operation in Northern Ireland ahead of next week's G8 summit.

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Anti-G8 protest kicks off amid major security presence

A mass anti-G8 protest rally has begun in Belfast ahead of a meeting of the leaders of the world's eight largest economies in Northern Ireland on Monday.

The march left the city's Custom House square amid a major security presence.

Anti G8 protesters take part in a rally in Belfast City centre ahead of the G8 world leaders summit Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Hundreds of protesters, advocating a variety of causes, braved torrential rain as they walked through streets.

Spirits were high and there were initially no signs of the disorder that some in Belfast had feared.

Anti G8 protesters Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Hundreds of public order police officers flanked the route with scores of fortified Land Rover-type vehicles also parked up.

Police helicopters circled overhead.

Anti G8 protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire

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