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GPs 'can't promise safe care'

Almost half of GPs say they can "no longer guarantee safe care" for their patients, while 85 percent of those questioned thought general practice was "in crisis", according to a recent poll of family doctors.

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Fifth of GPs 'forced to seek support for stress'

A poll conducted by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) suggests a fifth of GPs have been forced to seek support, guidance or advice for work-related stress.

Of the 258 family doctors questioned across the UK, more than half said they saw between 40 and 60 patients a day.

The poll of GPs was conducted by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Wire

Almost all of those surveyed said they believe that working in general practice was more stressful than five years ago.

The college said GPs receive nine percent of the NHS's annual budget, despite catering for 90 percent of patients.

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