Hall's victims lived with 'shame and embarrassment'

During sentencing, Judge Russell told Stuart Hall:

Many years have elapsed since these crimes were committed but that is no mitigation for the crimes themselves.

The crimes should of course never have been committed because nearly every victim was a child at the time and unwanted sexual advances even for an adult are distressing for the victim but when they are directed towards a child who is unable to repel the attentions of an adult, an important barrier is crossed.

As is clear from the victim personal statements, which I have read with care, many of your victims have lived with the shame and embarrassment resulting from your assaults, not sure how to cope with the effect of what were for these girls extremely unpleasant and distressing events - suffering what amounts in some cases to significant psychological trauma.

I pay tribute to the victims who have come forward - it is by no means an easy thing to do.