Sparkling crystal grotto unveiled after restoration

A sparkling 18th century crystal grotto has been unveiled after a year-long restoration project.

The restored grotto is part of the Painshill Park landscape garden in Cobham, Surrey. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Writer, photographer and broadcaster Lady Lucinda Lambton, who has been described as a "crusader" for the nation's architectural heritage, placed the last crystal in the grotto's stalactite mineral decoration.

Crystals forming inside the 18th century restored grotto. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

It is part of the historic Painshill Park landscape garden created between 1738 and 1773 by politician Charles Hamilton near Cobham, Surrey.The 158-acre Grade I listed site was inspired by Renaissance art and Hamilton's Grand Tours of Europe.

Lady Lucinda Lambton places the last crystal into the stalactite decoration. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Following the £747,400 restoration work, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the grotto will be open to visitors at weekends from next month.