GM crops 'offer a way forward'

Scientists and research companies have welcomed the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson's call for a focus on the benefits of Genetically Modified Crops, saying it "offers a way forward" on a global issue.

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council chief executive Douglas Kell said the technology could be used to "produce enough food for a growing population with fewer inputs".

"A GM approach could offer a way forward and without it we would risk blocking a solution to major global issues. This signal of support helps to keep doors open that could help us in an ever-changing future. "

Genetically modified maize crop grows on a test field in Germany. Credit: Press Association Images

Professor Maurice Moloney from Rothamsted Research said the government's stance would put the UK back into a "leadership position" on the issue of GM crops:

"The Government's initiative puts the UK back into a leadership position in Europe on this issue and will promote a rational approach to the adoption of technologies that our farmers want and need in order to maintain their competitive position in world agriculture."


Environment Sec backs GM food

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is set to reopen the controversy over genetically modified crops with a speech extolling the benefits of the technology.