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Warning UK nature 'in trouble'

Conservationists are calling for the creation of a "million homes for nature" in gardens and open spaces amid concerns about struggling UK wildlife. The Giving Nature a Home campaign is backed by TV homes expert Linda Barker.

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Report: 72% of UK's butterflies in decline

  • The state of the UK’s butterflies (2011) concluded that 72% of species had decreased over the previous ten years, including common “garden” butterflies that had declined by 24%.
  • The state of the UK’s birds (2012) reported that the UK has lost in the region of 44 million breeding birds since the late 1960s.
  • In 2012, Our Vanishing Flora looked at the extinction of plants from counties across the UK in the 20th century, and found widespread losses.
  • In 16 counties, one plant species went extinct every other year.
  • The state of Britain’s mammals (2011) highlighted the decline of hedgehogs, the ongoing loss of red squirrels and the recovery of otters.


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