Miliband 'would have intervened' in Nigella attack

Ed Miliband said people had a "duty to intervene" if they see incidents of violence between couples. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said he would have intervened if he had witnessed the throat-clutching assault on Nigella Lawson by her husband Charles Saatchi.

Mr Miliband said he recoiled when he saw images of the attack, telling the Guardian: "I thought they were horrifying pictures."

Both he and Government minister Alistair Burt - who was speaking in a BBC radio interview - said they would have stepped in, after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg had faced criticism for suggesting the incident could have been "just a fleeting thing" during his weekly radio phone-in.

Miliband said: "Honestly, if you are passing by something like that happening - our duty is to intervene. If I had been in that situation, passing by in those circumstances, the right thing to do is to go up to somebody involved in that and say, 'What's going on?'."