Balls urges Osborne to invest money in pot-hole repairs

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said the Government should invest in repairing Britain's pot-holed roads in order to get the economy moving.

Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce the next squeeze on spending on Wednesday as he sets departmental budgets for 2015/16, but Mr Balls said pumping money into the economy now could reduce the need for deep cuts in two years' time.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Mr Balls acknowledged Labour would have to show "iron discipline" with the public finances should the party win the 2015 General Election, but he insisted he would reduce the deficit in a "fairer" way.

Mr Balls said the fact the Chancellor was having to set out cuts beyond the lifetime of the current Parliament was a result of the Government's "economic failure".