EX-CQC executive denies hospital 'cover-up' claims

A former deputy chief executive of the Care Quality Commission has denied any involvement in any decision to delete a critical internal report.

Last week, an independent report of the regulator's investigation of mother and baby deaths at a maternity unit in Cumbria found evidence of a "cover-up".

Former deputy chief executive Jill Finney

Jill Finney told the BBC: "It was quite clear on reading the report that it was not satisfactory and CQC should have done more. So at that meeting we agreed that the report required much further work.

"There was not a decision at that meeting to delete that report, nor was there an instruction."

She also said that Grant Thornton, the accountancy firm who carried out the review, failed to give either herself or two other colleagues, the opportunity to put forward their side of the story.