Assange blasts 'extreme and bellicose US statements'

Speaking from the Ecuadorian Embassy where he is attempting to escape extradition, Julian Assange has spoken by phone and has blasted the US administration for 'bullying' Russia and other states over the case of Edward Snowden.

Today we have seen a range of extreme bellicose statements from the US administration, attempting to bully Russia and other nations from facilitating Mr Snowden's asylum .

Every person has the right to seek and receive political asylum, those rights are enshrine in United Nations agreements of which the United States is a party.

It is counter-productive and unacceptable for the Obama administration to try and interfere with those rights. It reflects poorly on the US administration and no self respecting country would submit to such interference or such bullying by the US in this matter.

– Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder