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New help for mutilation victims

A new helpline is being launched by the NSPCC to help girls at risk of suffering female genital mutilation in the UK. The charity along with the Metropolitan Police and the Royal College of Midwives are to combat what they call an abusive practice.

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Victims of mutilation 'hidden behind wall of silence'

Young victims of mutilation can be left in agony and with physical and psychological problems that can continue into adulthood, a charity has said, as it launches a new helpline to support girls at risk.

NSPCC launches new helpline for victims of mutilation in the UK. Credit: PA

Lisa Harker, the NSPCC's head of strategy, said: "The UK's child victims of female genital mutilation are hidden behind a wall of silence.

"Children who are at risk or victims of female genital mutilation often don't even know it is abusive and harmful because it is done at the request of their family.

"There is also a huge pressure within these communities to keep quiet about female genital mutilation, with some people even being threatened with violence if they speak out".

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