Nick Clegg reveals his affection for Kung Fu Panda

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has revealed his affection for "quality cartoons" declaring Kung Fu Panda is "one of the greatest films made in recent years".

In an interview with the website Liberal Democrat Voice, the Lib Dem leader was asked what was the last film he had watched.

He responded:"I went [to the cinema] with my boys and took them to see, is it The Gnuds?, The Grudes? [Clegg’s special adviser interjecting: “The Croods”] The Croods! That’s the last time I went to the cinema. It’s basically just a glorified video game as far as I could make out.

"But I’m a big fan of quality cartoons.

"Kung Fu Panda I have to say is one of the greatest films made in recent years. It’s superb, it’s superb…"