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Ian Brady letter published

A letter in which Moors Murderer Ian Brady claims to have killed four more people has been published for the first time, on the Daily Telegraph website.

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QC questions Ian Brady over his hunger strike

Moors Murderer Ian Brady has been questioned over his hunger strike by Eleanor Grey QC counsel for Ashworth Hospital.

Brady has been tube fed at the high secure psychiatric hospital for more than a decade after refusing food.

Grey: We have heard evidence as to the extent you actually eat at present

Brady: I do what?

Grey: You eat, as well as the naso-gastric tube.

Brady : According to who? The same member of staff who I've just referred to as regressive, provocative. I have been on this 14 years. I mean it's trivia, the trivia these people use.

Grey: Mr Brady, what are you eating at the moment?

Brady: I'm not eating anything.

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