National Guard to recruit at San Francisco Gay Pride

US military recruiters are expected to set up stalls during the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

The California National Guard will set up two recruiting booths at this weekend’s event, which is expected to draw one million people to the city.

It is the second time that the armed forces have tried to encourage gay recruits after a stall was also set up at the LA Pride Parade earlier this month.

The LA Pride Parade saw uniformed recruiters for the US military for the first time. Credit: Reuters

The US military is officially participating in the gay-rights celebrations after the controversial “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was repealed in 2011.

Later today the Supreme Court is meeting to deliver opinions in two cases that could dramatically again alter the rights of gay people across the United States.

The justices are expected to decide their first-ever cases about gay marriage in their last session before the court's summer break.