Cameraman remembers Mandela's prison release

Andy Rex, the ITV News cameraman behind the lens when Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, reports from outside the Pretoria Heart Hospital:

I remember waiting for Nelson Mandela to return to his home in Soweto accompanied by Trevor McDonald. The heavens opened. Trevor and Archbishop Desmond Tutu huddled under an umbrella for protection.

Well-wishers leave messages at the Medi-Clinc Heart Hospital in Pretoria. Credit: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

The crowds grew during the day waiting for his arrival. As night fell, they sang anti-apartheid songs.

Today, as the same 'struggle songs' are sung, I am reminded of that day in 1990. There are the same sounds, and there is the same sense of anticipation and hope.

Then they were celebrating Mandela's release. Today they are celebrating his life.