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£100bn capital spending plan

Chief Secretary for the Treasury Danny Alexander has unveiled a plan to invest billions infrastructure, including £10 billion to clear a 'backlog' in schools investment.

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Ed Balls: George Osborne has 'failed completely'

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls told Daybreak that if the Coalition Government really wants to get the economy moving they should "do an immediate boost for housing and transport this year and next."

"The chancellor talks about capital spending, he's not actually acting, that's why things aren't working", he said.

Last year the deficit went up, the reason why he said he's doing this spending review is because he said he'd get rid of it, it's going to be £96 billion in two years time.

Living standards are falling, the economy has flatlined, unemployment is high, families are really struggling and he's having to do more cuts to our police, our NHS, because [Osborne's] failed completely.

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