Lawrence father suspicions over police informer

The father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has said he suspected there was an informer in his camp because the police always seemed to know more than he told them.

Neville Lawrence told Daybreak: "A lot of time we thought there was somebody listening to us.

"We thought, 'how come they [the police] know what we're gonna do before we do it?'"

He also admitted that he had even accused a woman in the campaign of being an informer.

"I think I have to find a way to talk to the person we had accused of being a traitor in the camp and apologise to her," he said.

Speaking about the claims that police tried to discredit the family of the murdered teenager, he said: "I can't believe it, I still can't believe it. After all this time I'm trying to find out what kind of person would do this to a family who is in bereavement."