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West 'missed deal with Taliban'

The top British commander in Afghanistan has told the Guardian that the west could have struck a deal with the Taliban a decade ago, shortly after they had been removed from power.

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PM: Afghan settlement could have been 'better arranged'

The Prime Minister has visited troops on the front line in Afghanistan as a senior British commander claimed talks with the Taliban should have been attempted a decade ago.

On a trip timed to coincide with Armed Forces Day, David Cameron acknowledged that things could have been done differently after military operations removed the Taliban regime.

I think you can argue about whether the settlement we put in place after 2001 could have been better arranged. Of course you can make that argument.

Since I became Prime Minister in 2010 I have been pushing all the time for a political process and that political process is now under way.

But at the same time I know that you cannot bank on that, which is why we have built up the Afghan army, built up the Afghan police, supported the Afghan government so after our troops have left, and they will be leaving under the programme we have set out, this country shouldn't be a haven for terrorists.

– David Cameron speaking to Sky News

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