Baby girl born at Glastonbury festival

The mum-to-be went into labour on Saturday night Credit: PA

A festival goer has given birth to a baby girl at the Glastonbury festival, according to reports.

The new baby is believed to have arrived in the early hours of Sunday at the on-site Ivy Mead medical centre.

The parents, reported as Heidi Wesson and Sean Crothers, were helped by medical staff.

Heidi reportedly went into labour as the Rolling Stones were making their Glastonbury debut on Saturday night.

It is believed the couple have settled on the name Ivy, after the medical centre where she was born.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Glastonbury said: "We'd like to send our congratulations to the family. We look forward to welcoming them back in future years.

"We've had babies born here that are now grown-ups. They still come every year. That's a beautiful thing."