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Clegg wouldn't accept pay rise

Nick Clegg has warned the public would not understand it if MPs were awarded a bumper pay rise. The Deputy Prime Minister said that he would not accept an award well in excess of the pay increases for other public sector workers.

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Clegg: MPs' pay rise would not make 'any sense'

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has answered questions about expected proposals by an independent body to increase MPs' pay at his monthly press briefing.

He said he was not in favour of a rise, and would not personally accept one, adding that the public would find "impossible to understand particularly those in the public sector whose pay is only increasing by 1%".

Nick Clegg said he personally would not accept any pay rise.

He added that "MPs are public servants paid by taxpayers" and said a decision of this nature would not make "any sense at this particular time".

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