Duncan Smith hails 'bedroom tax' as a 'success'

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has said that the so-called 'bedroom tax' is "proving a success" as it highlights the mess in social housing left by Labour.

During an exchange with shadow home secretary, Liam Byrne, he said they should commit to reversing a cut in housing benefit for council tenants with a spare room or "stop moaning about it".

Iain Duncan Smith said the 'bedroom tax' is highlighting Labour's failure to sort out social housing Credit: Press Association

He also said Labour "left a shambles", resulting in people in overcrowded accommodation.

"They are having to suffer whilst we subsidise to nearly a billion pounds people to live in houses with spare rooms", he added.

Mr Byrne accused Mr Duncan Smith of "living on a different planet" if he thought the policy had been a success.

"When are you going to realise that this costs more than it saves and this Government should be taxing mansions and not bedrooms?", he said.