MPs' pay has increased by £10,000 in the last decade

MPs have seen their salaries rise steadily over the past decade, despite a recent two-year pay freeze.

  • The basic pay for a MP is now £66,396 a year - compared to a salary of £56,358 10 years ago and £43,860 at the time of the 1997 general election.
  • It went up from £65,738 in April following the ending of the pay freeze agreed by Parliament in March 2011.
  • The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has set a further rise to £67,060 from next April.


Clegg wouldn't accept pay rise

Nick Clegg has warned the public would not understand it if MPs were awarded a bumper pay rise. The Deputy Prime Minister said that he would not accept an award well in excess of the pay increases for other public sector workers.