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Clegg wouldn't accept pay rise

Nick Clegg has warned the public would not understand it if MPs were awarded a bumper pay rise. The Deputy Prime Minister said that he would not accept an award well in excess of the pay increases for other public sector workers.

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Tory MP: I will turn any salary increase down

Former Tory minister, Tim Loughton, has said he would reject a salary increase if recommended by an independent regulatory body as it would be "completely inappropriate".

Tim Loughton said he thinks the majority of MPs will turn down any salary increase.

He told ITV News: "I think it would be completely inappropriate for MPs to be taking such a large payrise now at a time when public service workers are having to be limited to a 1% percent pay rise.

"If it does go through and I'm offered it, I shall turn it down and I think the majority of other MPs would do that as well."

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