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Clegg wouldn't accept pay rise

Nick Clegg has warned the public would not understand it if MPs were awarded a bumper pay rise. The Deputy Prime Minister said that he would not accept an award well in excess of the pay increases for other public sector workers.

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Vaz: MPs should be not talking about their own pay

Labour MP Keith Vaz, who is the chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has said: "The last thing MPs should be talking about is their own pay".

His comments came amid reports that an independent body is considering a significant increase to MPs' salaries.

Keith Vaz said MPs' salaries had always been a point of contention. Credit: Press Association

Mr Vaz told the BBC, MPs salaries has "always been a point of contention" and the decision should be left to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

"We should wait until Friday ...we shouldn't be involved in this discussion", he added.

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