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Rise in child abuse on webcams

There has been a rise in use of webcams and live video streaming for sexually abusing children, according to a new report. It found that vulnerable children in developing countries were often targeted by abusers over the internet.

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Charity: Police must improve reporting of child abuse

Javed Khan, chief executive of independent charity Victim Support, has said that police forces in the UK need to improve their reporting of child abuse crimes in order to build up a more accurate national picture:

It is sadly no surprise that the threat of child sexual abuse and exploitation is increasing in the UK ...

But the police service must also ask itself some searching questions. It's first priority is to prevent and detect crime.

Yet the national threat assessment has had to fill gaps because of inconsistencies in the way forces collect, record and categorise child sex abuse offences ...

Every police force must therefore contribute fully and consistently to the national intelligence picture. Only then will we have a true picture of the scale of the problem.

– Javed Khan, victim support

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