Labour criticises Hague for Egypt Twitter response

Labour has challenged the Government over its response to the growing crisis in Egypt, suggesting Foreign Secretary William Hague had shown insufficient "gravitas" by tweeting about the issue.

At Lords Question Time today, opposition spokesman Lord Triesman said: "Mr Hague has encapsulated our Government's position in 140 characters - he has tweeted.

Foreign Secretary William Hague's tweet on the crisis in Egypt has been criticised. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

"He says he is concerned and so am I, but I wonder if that is the way to express the gravitas of the UK in these circumstances".

Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi defended the Government's response, stressing the David Cameron was one of the first leaders to visit Egypt after the "revolution" and Mr Hague had also visited.

Baroness Warsi said: "We are incredibly engaged, as is our ambassador, in this process. But it is important we are not seen to be involved deeply in telling the Egyptian people how they need to resolve this matter".