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Wales passes organ donor law

Welsh lawmakers have passed a controversial scheme that assumes consent for organ and tissue donation among people who do not state a preference. Assembly Members voted in favour of the new law by 43 votes to eight with two abstentions.

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Organ donor's family to be consulted under Welsh plan

The Kidney Wales Foundation, which was involved in the formulation of the 'opt-out' organ donor scheme in Wales, has stressed that family consent is vital.

All Welsh residents will be able to register their personal wishes regarding organ donation ... If you do not opt-in, or opt-out, if you do nothing, you will have deemed to consent to organ donation ...

Deemed consent donation will not go ahead in the absence of any family member.

Kidney Wales believe the presence of the family is essential - both as a source of necessary information about the potential donor and in order to ensure that donation does not go ahead in the face of the deceased's known objection to organ donation.

– Roy Thomas, chief executive, Kidney Wales Foundation

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