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Plans for schools to set terms

All state schools are set to be given permission to set their own term times. The move, which is contained in the new Deregulation Bill, paves the way for individual schools to introduce longer terms and cut the length of school holidays.

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School term time changes: Your views

The Government have proposed changes to school term times which will allow local-authority schools to cut holidays and introduce longer terms for pupils.

We asked ITV News viewers their thoughts on the proposals on our Facebook page:

No, leave the holidays as they are, the summer holidays of 6 weeks have worked fine for decades!

– Kerry Long

Longer terms are needed. Yes teachers have a stressful job but so do the nurses etc and they get a lot less. Kids get bored after a few weeks and that is when parents get stressed. Also more parents work now, so arranging child care for long periods is expensive.

– Sue Harrowell

Good in theory, but what if you have a child in one school and another in the neighbouring school... then they decide on different term dates? I do agree that holidays should be shorter, but it should be regulated!

– Claire Elizabeth Russell

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