Sniper's flatmate sentenced over firearms offences

Following a search of SAS sniper Sgt Danny Nightingale's accommodation and the discovery of the arsenal, he and Soldier N were both summoned to see a superior officer, a court heard.

Timothy Cray prosecuting said: "Soldier N then told the defendant that he had a pistol in his room and ammunition at the property.

"The defendant then said words to the effect 'I've got exactly the same at the house'."

Soldier N later pleaded guilty to Firearms Act offences after a weapon, ammunition and hand grenade were recovered from the property.

He was given a sentence of military detention, which he is serving.


SAS sniper Nightingale trial

An SAS sniper accused of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition is to begin giving evidence at his court martial. Sgt Danny Nightingale's previous conviction for the same charges was quashed by Court of Appeal judges in March.