Survey: One in five NHS workers bullied at work

One in five NHS workers said they have been bullied by colleagues and almost half reported they have witnessed bullying in the last six months, according to a new survey.

Managers were the worst offenders, with increasing workloads and the workplace culture contributory factors, the study published in the online journal BMJ Open said. The study found:

  • Almost 20% of respondents had been bullied by colleagues within the past six months, ranging from rarely to daily
  • 43% had witnessed other staff being bullied occasionally in the past six months, with 5% witnessing it weekly or daily
  • Only 2.7%-14% of staff reported bullying to someone in authority

Almost 3,000 NHS staff who work in a range of roles at seven trusts across the North East of England answered a questionnaire for the study by Professor Jan Illing of Durham University.