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Snowden 'not accepted asylum'

WikiLeaks has said US intelligence agency leaker Edward Snowden has "not yet formally accepted" an asylum offer from Venezuela. It came after a senior Russian politician clarified an earlier tweet that Mr Snowden has accepted an offer from Venezuela

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Bolivians protest outside French Embassy in La Paz

Protesters have assembled outside the French embassy in La Paz after a plane carrying the Bolivian President Evo Morales was diverted to Austria.

Bolivian protesters outside the French Embassy in La Paz Credit: Reuters

Angry supporters of the president accused France and Portugal of putting Morales' life at risk after the presidential plane was reportedly denied air permits.

Bolivia's House of Representatives have adopted a resolution calling for Portugal and France to explain their decision to deny Morales' plane passage.

One community leader, Jorge Chura, said the demonstration was to tell France and Portugal "that they have no right to deny the president of a country, such as Bolivia, to land".

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