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Foreigners face £200 NHS fee

Non-EU nationals staying in England for more than six months could be charged £200 a year for non-emergency NHS treatment. The Health Secretary has sought to calm GPs' concerns by insisting that doctors would not have to act as "border officers".

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Who will be affected by plans to tackle health tourism?

  • The plan to charge foreigners for using the NHS would only apply to those outside the European Economic Area (which includes European Union countries plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).
  • The NHS claims back the cost of EEA visitors treatment from their home country.
  • Proposals include a levy on visa charges of around £200 for any students or foreign workers who come to the UK for more than six months.
  • Free access to GPs for tourists and those staying for less than half a year could also be curbed.
  • Expatriates who live outside Europe would be expected to contribute.
  • However, expatriates who have made up to 10 years National Insurance contributions would still receive NHS care.
  • Nobody will be denied treatment regardless of their nationality.

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