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US calls for Morsi's release

The US State Department has called on Egypt to release the deposed president Mohamed Morsi from detention.

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Hague condemns military intervention in Egypt

Foreign Secretary William Hague said he would work with the people in authority in Egypt for the safety of British nationals, but said he "always" condemns military intervention in a democratic system. He told BBC Radio 4 Today's programme:

I always condemn military intervention in a democratic system. This is a military intervention in a democratic system. We have to understand it's a popular intervention, there's no doubt about that in the current state of opinion in Egypt.

So while warning about the precedent that it sets for the future, of course we have to work with the Egyptians, with the majority will in Egypt, and that's what we will do.

We will always be clear that we don't support military intervention but we will work with people in authority in Egypt. That is the practical reality of foreign policy.

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