Gove: Using 'gay' as insult is 'outrageous and medieval'

Education Secretary Michael Gove has condemned the use of the word 'gay' as an insult in schools.

Speaking at a education conference run by gay rights group Stonewall, Mr Gove said he thought that “language in playgrounds that wasn’t effectively policed.”

“It’s utterly outrageous and medieval to think that to use the word gay as an insult is somehow acceptable,” he said.


Michael Gove says he will look at how the law is policed #EdforAll

Conference attendees said the politician was challenged by singer Will Young over the handling of homophobic bullying in schools:


Brilliant to hear an exchange between Michael Gove and Will Young on tackling homophobic bullying. #edforall


Enjoyable face-off between Will Young and Michael Gove at Stonewall conference. I hearts you Will Young. In all the ways. ALL.


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