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Labour campaign spending cap

Labour is to impose a spending cap on selection campaigns as part of a "significant change" in its relations with trade unions, Harriet Harman said.

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Ed Miliband must 'restore trust' over Falkirk

Labour leader Ed Miliband has got to restore trust or pay the price at the election, former Labour minister David Blunkett wrote in the Daily Mail.

Mr Blunkett said that Mr Miliband needed to "reclaim the moral high ground" after a row over candidate selection.

Whatever the nature of the private discussions which took place between Ed and Tom, the decision that he should step down from his role in the selection of candidates was not only inevitable but essential.

The last few days have demonstrated that Ed Miliband is prepared to grasp this opportunity and ensure that Labour will go into the Election with the trust of the British people restored.

If he doesn’t, we will pay the price at the ballot box.

– David Blunkett

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