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Fred Perry would have found Andy Murray victory 'bitter-sweet' his daughter says

When Fred Perry's daughter Penny was asked what her father's reaction would have been to Andy Murray becoming the first Brit to win Wimbledon title in 77 years, she said he would have found it 'bitter-sweet'.

She told ITV News: "I think to be honest it would have been bitter sweet. I think 50% of him would have been absolutely up in the hysterical mode of the British drought is over, we have got a British champion - hail to the Brits - because he was supremely patriotic."

Penny said: "If he was human, and most people are, you would always feel that little element of when someone breaks a record. It was the same thing when Borg first beat the three times in a row [record] - that was slightly bitter-sweet."

She added: "It goes on - when Federer equalled Sampras' record - there has got to be an element of bitter-sweet, and this would probably be along the same lines. I mean he was only human."

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