1. John Irvine

Egypt shootings: Tragedy for country and victims

This massacre is a tragedy not just for the victims but for Egypt. It will act as a powerful recruiting sergeant for the sinister forces out to perpetuate the crisis.

Morsi supporters help the wounded following the shootings in Cairo. Credit: Reuters/Asmaa Waguih

The Muslim Brotherhood believes the security forces opened fire on demonstrators while they prayed. With a baffling sense of timing the authorities wheeled Hosnu Mubarak into a Cairo courtroom at the weekend.

He is charged in connection with the killings of demonstrators in 2011. By comparison no-one will be held accountable for the shootings during the current upheaval.

That means the security forces are unfettered and unrestrained. Retaliation for this morning's massacre will come. The first big car bombing or suicide attack can't be far off.