Snowden: US government will say 'I aided our enemies'

The Guardian have published the second part of their interview with US intelligence agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, recorded in Hong Kong on 6 June.

In the interview, he contemplates the reaction from the US government to his leaking of top-secret documents related to its surveillance of phone records and internet data.

Edward Snowden is still in a Moscow airport after leaving Hong Kong, as he seeks asylum in several countries. Credit: The Guardian/Glenn Grenwald, Laura Poitras

He said: "I think they're going to say I committed grave crimes, I've violated the espionage act, they're going to say I aided our enemies".

He is also seen defending his decision to go public, saying: "I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do...every expression of creativity, love or friendship is recorded..that's not something I'm support and live under".

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Snowden 'not accepted asylum'

WikiLeaks has said US intelligence agency leaker Edward Snowden has "not yet formally accepted" an asylum offer from Venezuela. It came after a senior Russian politician clarified an earlier tweet that Mr Snowden has accepted an offer from Venezuela