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Killers' life terms breach rights

Whole-life jail sentences given to murderers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas Vinter and Peter Moore are a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

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Bamber solicitor to lodge application for case review

Simon McKay says his client Jeremy Bamber is no longer "consigned to the prospect of spending his whole life in jail" but today's ruling will not result in his immediate release.

My client is obviously pleased with today's decision although it will not result in his release imminently or anytime soon. But it does mean he is not consigned to the prospect of spending his whole life in jail, effectively a death sentence by another name. A civilised society is defined by how it treats those who act outside its laws and that the UK will now be obligated to review whole life tariffs is a progressive and humane development.

Those properly convicted of dreadful crimes must be punished but there must also be the hope of rehabilitation in appropriate cases. Jeremy continues to protest his innocence and later this year I will be lodging a fresh application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. His 30 year fight for justice continues.

– Jeremy Bamber's solicitor Simon McKay

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