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Killers' life terms breach rights

Whole-life jail sentences given to murderers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas Vinter and Peter Moore are a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

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Life term ruling won't be used as 'get out of jail' excuse

Douglas Vinter's lawyer Simon Creighton has said the European Court of Human Rights' ruling could not be used as a "get out of jail free" excuse for life-term prisoners.

It's very important the court have recognised that no sentence should be once and for all and there should always be some right to look at some sentences again in the future.

They have not said that anyone must be released, what they have said is that it must be reviewed.

– Douglas Vinter's lawyer Simon Creighton

Mr Creighton said the court is telling the Government to return to what it was doing 10 years ago. He said there were "very careful" safeguards in place which must be passed before prisoners can even be considered for release.

"It's now for the Government to respond," Mr Creighton said.

"My client will look forward to their response with interest."

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