Queen Elizabeth 'was closer than the children's A&E'

Fourteen-year-old Grace WIlliams burnt her hand during a science lesson at school. The school called her mother after some first aid and advised that she be brought to A&E.

Grace's mother brought her to the Queen Elizabeth A&E 'because it was closer' than the children's hospital. Credit: ITV News

Her mother, Mo, said that she brought Grace to A&E to "cover the school" in case there were further problems, although she admitted that there were other options.

"We probably could have just taken her to the pharmacy to get it sorted, but there would be waiting. I know she'll be seen here."

The Queen Elizabeth is not a children's hospital and does not have a paediatric A&E. Mrs Williams said that she brought Grace here rather than Birmingham Children's hospital because it was closer to the school and their home, "it was just easier here."

Although she said she knows any follow up treatment will be done at the children's hospital.