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Domestic crime convictions up

Rates of conviction for crimes against women and girls have increased for the second year running, the Crown Prosecution Service has said. Three out of four cases of violence against women and girls results in a convictions, records reveal.

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CPS: 'No doubt system was failing women and girls'

Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer said today's figures on rates of conviction for violent crimes against women and girls "sends a powerful message perpetrators."

Describing today's figures as a "result of a decade of change" and progress, he said:

There is no doubt that until recently the criminal justice system was failing women and girls. For example ten years ago, less than half the domestic violence cases that we prosecuted ended in convictions – that has gone up to three in four today.

The evidence is clear that ten years of progress is paying off and not only are the conviction rates steadily increasing, but our service to victims is also improving. These results send a powerful message to perpetrators that they are more likely than ever to be convicted for their crimes.

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