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Omega 3 prostate cancer link

Omega 3 - a supplement taken by millions for its health benefits - may help to trigger aggressive and lethal prostate cancer, research has shown.

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More research needed into cancer link, say charity

Prostate Cancer UK has said more complex research needs to take place so the link between omega-3 and the risk of prostate cancer can be fully understood.

A new study claims omega-3 fatty acids could substantially increase the risk of prostate cancer.

However Dr Iain Frame said further research needed to take place before any conclusions were reached:

Although this report claims to add to existing research which has indicated that a diet rich in this nutrient can also be associated with an increased risk of developing prostate cancer, much larger and more complex studies will need to take place before we will fully understand how the risks of a diet high in omega-3 balance against those benefits.

Therefore we would not encourage any man to change their diet as a result of this study, but to speak to their doctor if they have any concerns about prostate cancer."

– Dr Iain Frame. Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK

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