Your views: Raising MPs' salaries to £75,000

Users of ITV News' Facebook page have been giving their thoughts on a proposal to give MPs a pay rise of more that £6,000, bringing their salaries to £74,000.

Most people are lucky if they even get a 1% pay rise. Most have taken pay cuts to keep their jobs so to me a 12% pay rise is ridiculous considering the financial trouble this country is supposed to be in or do the financial troubles only apply to those on low incomes and not earning a ridiculous amount already.

Seriously, the independent expenses watchdog needs to take a reality check.

– Michelle Reitsma

Quite honestly I think it is right to give an increase but maybe half that proposed and half later on.

They do an important job worth billions and are not adequately rewarded.

But then their expenses must be limited to true expenses, and not fictitious ones... 12 % is too high in one go!!

– Colin Smith

This is £1,444 .5 pence per week. And they cut our benefits. Why can't they reduce what they get paid and live on less. My benefit rate would take me 17 weeks to reach what they get in one week.

– Gill Preston