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Snowden Russia asylum bid

Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia oafter three weeks holed up at a Moscow airport trying to avoid prosecution in the United States on espionage charges.

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Snowden hits out at 'threatening' US campaign

A letter, allegedly sent by fugitive Edward Snowden to human rights groups, accuses US officials of a "threatening" campaign to deny his right to take up asylum offers.

I have been extremely fortunate to enjoy and accept many offers of support and asylum from brave countries around the world.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have witnessed an unlawful campaign byofficials in the US Government to deny my right to seek and enjoy this asylum under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The scale of threatening behaviour is without precedent: never before inhistory have states conspired to force to the ground a sovereign President's plane to effect a search for a political refugee.

– Extract from a letter sent to human rights groups

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