Snowden 'to seek to remain in Russia temporarily'

US whistleblower Edward Snowden is reportedly planning to submit a request for temporary asylum in Russia today, according to Ellen Barry of The New York Times.

The Moscow correspondent is tweeting updates from Human Rights Watch's Tanya Lokshina, who is attending a meeting with Snowden.


Big news is that #Snowden is applying for political asylum in Russia, despte Putin's condition that he stop publishing. from @tanyalokshina


From @tanyalokshina @hrw : "I am only in a position to accept Russia's offer because of my inability to travel." #Snowden


Snowden is saying he seeks to remain in Russia and travel. He wants intl orgs to petition the United States, EU not to interfere. from @hrw

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Snowden Russia asylum bid

Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia oafter three weeks holed up at a Moscow airport trying to avoid prosecution in the United States on espionage charges.